Come into the Garden Hou Mai ki te Māra

Storybooks are an important element of HIPPY. In the last few months, HIPPY NZ team has developed and published four new storybooks for two-year-olds as part of the Ministry of Education contract to deliver the “Whanau In-Home Learning programme”. Read more

Nupur's story: From HIPPY parent to administrator

Nupur’s story from HIPPY Parent to Administrator is a positive example of how two generations benefit from HIPPY. Not only did HIPPY provide support to her son Hridhaan, but it also helped Nupur with good transition skills back into employment, from a HIPPY parent to the Administrator at the Takanini Family Service Centre. Read more

Zeenathul’s story: HIPPY develops positive behaviour

“I can see the reflection of HIPPY on my son’s day-to-day life as he continues to get awards from school for positive behaviour in learning. Bilaal has always been a shining star!” Read more

Sravani's story: HIPPY taught me skills

Sravani said that participating in HIPPY taught her many skills about educating Harshitha, preparing her for school, and supporting her learning and development... Read more

Krystal’s story: HIPPY was the best decision

"I know Olivia will change the world, and you'll be proud that HIPPY helped to pave the way when that happens."- Krystal, a HIPPY parent. Read more

HIPPY delivers $3.10 of social value for every $1 spent

Evaluating the impact of our programmes is an integral part of Great Potentials Foundation. We have been working with Impact Lab for the past few months so we can gain a deeper understanding of the social value and measurable good HIPPY brings to New Zealand society. Read more

From the archives: NZ’s first Dad Tutor

Back in 1995, John Grubner made the local newspaper for being New Zealand’s very first “HIPPY dad” tutor. The local community paper said at the time, “Mr Grubner is a rare breed as a HIPPY tutor because it is usually mums who are recruited from parents who have been through the programme...” Read more

Marissa's Story: "HIPPY gave me confidence"

Marissa was 18 when she had her first baby. Shy and lacking confidence, she thought her working life was over. Until she started her son on the HIPPY programme and her confidence began to grow... Read more

Creating Connections in Kaikohe - with DIY Deodorant

Group meetings – or ‘whānau hui’ – are an important part of HIPPY, helping build connections and combat isolation. Kaikohe Coordinator, Emily Rogers, recently took her HIPPY whānau to a local drop-in centre/pregnancy hub and did a very cool enrichment activity making DIY deodorant... Read more

A Community Empowered thanks to HIPPY

Back in 1997, Kelston cluster school principals met to discuss how they might better engage with local families and support parents. HIPPY became the catalyst that helped empower and engage the Kelston community... Read more