With HIPPY now up and running in 22 new communities across the country, we asked first-time mum, Sudy from HIPPY Lower Hutt City to tell us what she loves about the programme.

“I am thrilled to share the wonderful experience I had with Mina, my 2-year-old, today as we embarked on a mini gardening project together. She showed enthusiasm and curiosity while planting microgreens, and I couldn't be prouder of her!

Throughout, she asked me adorable questions like, "Will they grow big like trees, Mama?" and "Do they need lots of sunshine and water?" Her eagerness to learn was simply heartwarming!

It was an exciting journey of nurturing and watching the magic of nature unfold right before our eyes!”

2-year-old Mina is showing early enthusiasm for gardening, planting microgreens


How do you think HIPPY is helping you as a parent?

HIPPY gives me the opportunity to systematically learn about parenting. I am gaining knowledge and methods to support my child's learning and development more effectively. HIPPY also makes me spend less but play more.

It lets me discover all sorts of things that I can use to play with Mina without spending a lot of money on toys.

This play is more fun and stimulating for Mina’s imagination and creativity. HIPPY activities are highly practical and teach me to think outside the box with activities that enable Mina to learn. It’s helping me discover new ways to engage with my daughter during everyday activities.

How is HIPPY making a difference to Mina?

Mina is learning in areas such as language, numeracy, motor skills and emotional development. What surprises me most is how her language has improved in such a short time.

What difference is HIPPY making to you as a parent?

It is building up my confidence as a mum. Mina is our first child, so I lacked experience about how to educate her. But with HIPPY’s weekly programme I am gradually building my confidence learning how to better support her.

Anything you would like to share?

I believe many parents are like us, eager to provide a good education, but not knowing how to do it properly. They may spend time searching for educational knowledge, but it is fragmented.

HIPPY, on the other hand, provides systematic instructions. The curriculum is carefully designed to provide the right education for the right age. Even with simple activities, children can learn, improve their abilities, and have fun.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity from HIPPY Lower Hut City learning to teach my little one about exciting activities like the wonders of gardening and the importance of taking care of living things.

I hope more parents get to participate in HIPPY!

HIPPY (Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngers) is a home-based programme that empowers parents to support their 2-5-year-old child for life-long learning. HIPPY is available in 28 communities across New Zealand.