HIPPY dad Vishaan and daughter Amalia in Whangārei started their HIPPY journey in June 2023. Maureen, HIPPY Whangārei Coordinator, is very proud of the progress that Vishaan and Amalia made in the past few months.


Amalia, HIPPY Child, showcasing her artwork

“As the HIPPY Coordinator, I had the pleasure of enrolling Amalia and her father, Vishaan, into the HIPPY programme a few months ago. What struck me immediately was the already close relationship between Amalia and Vishaan. They shared a bond filled with fun and engaging activities, laying the foundation for an enriching learning journey through HIPPY.

Vishaan's decision to enroll Amalia was driven by a desire to enhance their existing connection. Amalia, at the age of four, already had a great set of school readiness skills and knowledge that Vishaan had been teaching her.  From colors, counting, letters, and sounds to book knowledge and social skills, Amalia exhibited more than what is typical for her age, and she is always happy, curious, and ready to learn.

During my weekly visits, I could see how much Amalia and Vishaan enjoyed the daily activities and learning. Amalia was proud to show me what she did, and Vishaan took pride in his daughter's achievements too. Vishaan realised that HIPPY covered a broad spectrum of skills and values, fostering not only Amalia's development but also strengthening their bond. He noticed he was becoming more patient, and he also really enjoyed doing HIPPY with Amalia. 

After a few months with HIPPY, Amalia improved even more in numbers, sorting, and patterns. She also developed greater observation and exploration skills through the HIPPY weekly science activities, applying these skills to her daily life, such as growing seeds in the garden. Amalia's progress was tangible, thanks to Vishaan's commitment to making HIPPY enjoyable and of high quality.

Their HIPPY journey was fantastic, making their bond stronger, and now Amalia is well-prepared for school. It has been a great adventure of learning and joy together!”