The beauty about living in a close-knit community is that some parents who once completed HIPPY, now have their children graduating from the HIPPY programme too. It is a success story that impacts generations of HIPPY graduates.

(Left side: Katie the HIPPY parent, Right side: Tessa the HIPPY child)

Back in 1996, Katie Slater graduated from the HIPPY programme, while her mother, Joanne Robinson, was one of the original HIPPY Tutors. Now, in 2024, Katie's daughter Tessa has also graduated from the programme, continuing the family legacy.

Our HIPPY team in Huntly hosted a successful graduation day. It was a special time to celebrate the achievements of the young graduates with their families. John Devonshire, a board member of HIPPY Huntly, attended and shared a few words to acknowledge the hard work of the parents, children, and staff members that made the programme a success.

A delicious meal was shared, and the young graduates had a wonderful time dancing on the disco floor to end the event. Our HIPPY Huntly team is very proud of the young graduates and the long-lasting impact HIPPY has across many generations.

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HIPPY (Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngers) is a home-based programme that helps parents to prepare their 2-5-year-old child ready for success in education.  HIPPY is available in across various communities in New Zealand.