After 10 weeks of participating in HIPPY, a significant transformation unfolded within a family household in Porirua struggling with their child, Elia, who was addicted to screen time. Elia’s mum, Gulsoom, proudly shared how HIPPY had not only deepened her understanding of Elia, but it had also empowered Elia to explore newfound independence. 

Elia, who once spent all her time in front of screens, has found a new love for creative play, thanks to the support from the HIPPY programme. Elia now happily enjoys engaging in activities like playing with dolls, reading storybooks, and exploring science. The HIPPY tutor noticed this incredible change, recognizing that Elia’s interest in electronic devices had been replaced with a passion for creative and educational pursuits.

Gulsoom was amazed at how Elia's curiosity had blossomed, and her learning achievements had improved since they joined the HIPPY programme. It was a big win for the family, showcasing the transformative impact of HIPPY.

We look forward to seeing how HIPPY continues to support Elia’s journey throughout the year!