Family Service Centre Takanini

In January 2014 we opened the doors to our warm and colourful brand new Centre, established in partnership with the Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association, whose superb early learning centre provides a beautiful environment for the local children.

Like its sister centre at Papakura, Takanini Family Service Centre continues to meet the high needs of its community through the provision of integrated support services that improve the lives of people with social, health and educational challenges.

These include social work, counselling, the Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) programme,
and parenting. The Centre’s Triple P (Positive Parenting) Programme helps parents to develop parenting tools and skills and to improve their relationships with their children.

The Takanini Centre also provides a number of services in collaboration with third parties including Plunket, the Community Service Legal Trust, Manukau Institute of Technology (Adult English Literacy and Numeracy Course), Ministry of Justice/Family Courts (Parenting Through Separation course), New Zealand Police-Family Safety System (Family HarmTeam/Whāngaia Ngā aPa Harakeke) and the Ministry of Health.  


Social Services Teams

To support the person or people we are working with (‘clients’) with their day-to-day challenges we have community social workers, counsellors and Social Workers in Schools (SWiS). We also offer parenting support as needed, practical advice and help for parents with managing their children's behaviour, helping deal with problems and building stronger, healthier relationships.

Community Social Workers

We have a team of community social workers who provide social work intervention, targeted towards vulnerable children, young people and their families living in Counties-Manukau who are at risk of abuse, harm or offending.  Referrals are received from a range of community agencies and an initial assessment is completed (includes consent form) to ascertain the assistance or support for the referral. At times external agencies may be included to assist the referral where further support may be required.

Counselling Room at Takanini

We have two experienced counsellors available to listen in confidence to members of the community and assist them to find a pathway to better understand themselves and others. Our counsellors specialise in counselling for children, women and couples but men's counselling is also available.

Parenting Support

We offer parenting support and help for parents with managing their children's behaviour, helping deal with problems and building stronger, healthier relationships.

We also run the Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme) which gives parents simple and practical advice to help them confidently manage their children's behaviour, prevent problems developing and to build strong, healthy relationships. 

HIPPY at TakaniniTopics for 0-12 Years

  • Managing fighting and aggression

    Hassle-free outings with children

    Dealing with disobedience

    Developing good bedtime routines

Topics for 

  • Getting Teenagers to Co-operate

    Coping with Teenagers Emotions

    Reducing Family Conflict

    Building Teenagers Survival Skills

Licensed Playgroup

We run a fun and interactive playgroup for under-fives. This is a safe and supportive way to meet other parents while engaging with your child.

Playgroup at TakaniniRain or shine — we always have fun at playgroup!

What does the Takanini Playgroup believe in?

Providing a place for parents and their children that is supportive and safe

Providing quality care

Fostering children’s learning and development to allow them to reach their fullest

Playgroup happens during Term time at our Takanini centre. All under-fives and their parent/caregiver are welcome (A parent or caregiver must remain with their child during playgroup).

Playgroup Hours:

Tuesday, 10am-12pm

Thursday, 12pm-2pm

HIPPY Programme

We offer HIPPY (Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters) at our Takanini Centre.

As part of the HIPPY programme parents work with their child at home for 15 minutes a day, 5 times a week. Children build knowledge in maths, reading and writing, while developing their cognitive, creative and social skills meaning they are better prepared to start primary school.

Community Services and Facilities

Several community groups make use of our facilities and offer their services to our clients, including Plunket, Manukau Institute of Technology and Parenting Through Separation.

We also have:

  • Room Hire Available

  • Parent changing facilities

    Learning Together at our FSC

  • Justice of the Peace— by Appointment ONLY

We are grateful for the huge amount of support we receive from our community, assisting us to continue helping children, young people and families towards brighter futures.


Takanini Family Service Centre

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday
8.30am - 4.30pm

8 Oakleigh Avenue, Takanini


(09) 974 4719


[email protected]