From Ada: My role as a HIPPY Tutor

In December 2020, Ada celebrated completing the HIPPY programme with her son at the HIPPY graduation ceremony. Two years later, she was proud to be handing out certificates to new HIPPY graduates she had helped as a HIPPY Tutor. Read more

From Ruzan: My role as the Playgroup Coordinator

Ruzan works as a Playgroup Coordinator at the Takanini Family Service Centre. She says it’s really rewarding to see smiles on the children’s faces and to watch how much they enjoy playing and exploring new things. Read more

From Smita: My role as a HIPPY Data Administrator

I love coming across people in the community who say, “I did HIPPY with my children!” or “I was a HIPPY child!”. Hearing families identify so strongly and proudly with a programme they were involved in so long ago speaks to how significant HIPPY is in our communities... Read more

From Alvy: My typical day as a Lead Professional

Alvy is a Lead Professional based at our Takanini Family Service Centre. Joining Great Potentials Foundation allows her to make a change in her community. She is enjoying the role and hopes to grow further in the social work sector. Read more

From Connor: My MATES journey at Great Potentials Foundation

Over the years, I was able to work with amazing rangatahi and remarkable mentors who have gone on to achieve great things like becoming teachers, social workers, lawyers... Read more

From Glenda: My Life in Great Potentials Foundation

Glenda has been working as a HIPPY Coordinator at Takanini Family Service Centre for over 9 years. Seeing learning, change and growth occur is what makes her day worthwhile working as the HIPPY Coordinator... Read more

Interview with John, Social Worker in School (SWiS)

Improving the relationships between schools and the families of the children I work with to help reduce barriers to children’s learning achievement makes what I do as a SWIS worthwhile... Read more