Recently, our two MATES coordinators, Maddy and Sanne attended an online workshop “Sharing the Kaupapa 3 Whai Wāhitanga: Active Youth Participation in Mentoring” held by NZ Youth Mentoring Network.

During the MATES Induction 2022, Maddy and Saane applied the learning and processes from the workshop to teach the MATES mentors the importance of young people taking control of their learning and decisions. 

Tools provided by the “Sharing the Kaupapa 3 Whai Wāhitanga: Active Youth Participation in Mentoring” workshop

Great Potentials Foundation has a long history with New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network (NZYMN), especially in the youth mentoring sector and our MATES programme.

In May, we caught up with Ann Dunphy, Chair of NZ Youth Mentoring Network, and Joy Eaton, General Manager of NZ Youth Mentoring Network, to reconnect and hear about the new things happening at NZ Youth Mentoring Network.

Could you please tell us about NZ Youth Mentoring Network?

We started in 1999 as the “Auckland Youth Mentoring Association”, with the involvement of volunteers from education and business backgrounds, including the Founder of Great Potentials Foundation, Dame Lesley. We all share the same belief – “mentoring is important, and we will be stronger together.” From then onwards, we are very lucky to have worked with and supported by many people and organisations to transform into who we are now.

What do you enjoy most about being involved in the mentoring sector?

The mentorship sector is just incredible. It is the best aspect of human nature- giving back! Everyone needs support, but not everyone gets it. Youth Mentoring is about finding the unused potentials to meet the needs. Like the MATES programme, we’ve seen a lot of stories about someone who has been mentored to become a mentor. Again, this is about giving back!

What do you want people to know about NZ Youth Mentoring Network?

The New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network is the national hub for youth mentoring sector in New Zealand. We provide support and quality resources to volunteers, mentors, mentoring providers and organisations. We are all about share, hear back, grow, and collaborate. Later this year, we will look at offering more training and PD courses online so to provide more flexibility to those in the regions.



More information of the NZ Youth Mentoring Network’s Professional Development Workshops:

Sharing the Kaupapa 3 Whai Wāhitanga: Active Youth Participation in Mentoring

“The workshop looked closely at young people participating in their own mentoring to improve certain factors such as confidence, well-being, and sense of belonging. The workshop was interactive and engaging over Zoom. It was such a great opportunity to learn some new things about mentoring while meeting a bunch of other people in similar fields!” Maddy – MATES coordinator