Being able to access a number of vital services under one roof, in a warm and welcoming environment, was key to Leah’s* family’s journey from challenge to strength.

Counselling Room at Takanini

Leah credits the team at the Papakura Family Service Centre with turning her family’s life around, and most importantly, helping her youngest grandson break through the serious behavioural challenges and trauma that had been holding him back.

Leah’s young grandson had been out of school for almost a year due to his behaviour. This bright child had been extremely traumatised in the past through family violence and domestic unrest, unfortunately, common occurrences within families facing the myriad of social, financial and emotional challenges often experienced by those in our most vulnerable communities. Oranga Tamariki and the Ministry of Education were also involved with him and the family, and it
was a very stressful situation for all.

Through counselling, he was able to open up a little about his situation and behaviour, and Leah praises the Papakura Family Service Centre’s counsellors and social worker for being the only ones able to reach this troubled boy, through their patience, love and support.

The Family Service Centre team worked closely with this vulnerable child, his family, and other involved professionals, and were able to advocate for and secure a placement at a special residential school. He got the specialised support he needed, and his family received ongoing counselling and help to strengthen them all.

They are extremely grateful for our involvement and, in his grandmother’s words: "We would not be here, as a strong family and a bright and brave boy, without the support from the Whanau Centre (Papakura Family Service Centre).”

*Name changed for privacy


Papakura Family Service Centre