For over 30 years our purpose has been helping children, young people, and families towards brighter futures. This year we continued to run three life-changing programmes in our communities and are proud to have achieved amazing results. Report available now…

From Dame Lesley Max, Founder and Co-Chair

“At all times, the focus of our attention is the families, the parents, the children, the students, who benefit from the services Great Potential Foundation provides. Those services do not become any less necessary when this country, like all others, is in the grip of a global pandemic.”
(Co-Chair's Report, Page 4)

From Jacki Richardson, CEO

“Despite a pandemic, closed borders, lockdowns and the associated economic and social impacts, tamariki and whanau have continued with HIPPY, young people have participated in mentoring and tutoring and families have had the benefits of the range of services and supports through our Family Service Centres.”

“Our HIPPY (Home interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters) operated in 40 communities throughout New Zealand in partnership with 35 local organizations.”

“More than 2000 families continue to demonstrate that people learn by doing and that parents can teach both their children and support other parents to do the same.”

“Whilst mentees in particular were significantly impacted by the lockdowns, our mentor engagement and the results achieved, not only academically, but also in resilience and capability across the MATES youth speak volumes about the power of the programme to transform lives and futures.”

“Our staff across our three programmes and our office consistently strive to provide the best services and supports to those who access our programmes and are the key to helping children, young people and families towards brighter futures.”

“We are lucky in having a number of key supporters who enable us to continue the programme provision and support, particularly of our MATES and HIPPY programmes. Their support Is not just financial but a personal connection with what we do also. It is reassuring to know that we are more than a transaction and for this I thank The Friedlander Foundation, Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust, The Wright Family Foundation and as our key corporate partner Merchant 1948. We have also received significant grants this year from Lotteries, SkyCity and Foundation North all of whom ensure we can continue delivering social impact through HIPPY, MATES and our Family Service Centres.

My thanks as always, to our Board of Trustees and Wendy Schofield, especially Dame Lesley Max, co-chair who remains as engaged and committed as ever.” (CEO’s report, Page 5)


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