HIPPY parent Zeenathul talks to us about her gratitude towards the HIPPY programme. As a parent herself who has been through the HIPPY programme with her son Bilaal, she would strongly say that HIPPY is such a valuable programme.

HIPPY not only trains the child but also gives immense knowledge to the parent on how to communicate with the child and how to organise the studies. If not for the guidance I gained from this wonderful programme, I would have been a less creative parent who would have been just giving instructions to my child.” says Zeenathul.

HIPPY module about caring and kindness

Zeenathul is looking forward to more magical moments of Bilaal. She would like to share with us the below story of Bilaal, who was given a special award by school.

When Bilaal was in Year 3 last year, one day he told her he had taken time during his break to ask one of his classmates, who seemed to be much lower than usual if he was all right. His classmates told him that he was going through some family issues which made him feel very unstable.

She felt touched when Bilaal told her he put his arm around his classmate’s neck and said, "Don’t worry, I will be there for you at school. Feel free to talk to me."

The next day, Zeenathul spoke with the principal to inform him that there was a student experiencing all these issues and to see if the school could provide any assistance. After reassuring her that special attention would be given to the children, the principal said to her, "You should be very proud of Bilaal because he has been doing this since the day he joined school. He always makes sure that everyone is doing well."

The next week, Bilaal came home with a special award for “being a kind-hearted friend”.

Merit awarded to Bilaal

“I can see the reflection of HIPPY on my son’s day-to-day life as he continues to get awards from school for positive behaviour in learning. Bilaal has always been a shining star!” says Zeenathul.