"HIPPY made the difference"

Tai is a mother-of-four who worked on the HIPPY programme with her four-year-old at HIPPY Wesley.

Tai had struggled with literacy herself and when she started with HIPPY none of her four pre-school children were engaged in ECE.

Tai working with her childrenTai’s Voice

"Before Kardius and Paladin started HIPPY, we found it so hard to get them some help and support with their learning. We were new to the central Auckland area, and with four kids under the age of 5 in my care, it was stressful.

"When Kardius and Paladin came on board with HIPPY they gained more learning and it’s less stress for me and them. It helped them develop their learning and brain and also their education before they started school.

"Now Kardius is at school and Paladin is at daycare, and with HIPPY onboard I am so happy that they have all these resources and support to help them.

"I honestly can say HIPPY has got me further, I now volunteer at my kids’ school and also out in the community helping others… Doreen* and HIPPY has become my family and I love it so much with all the support and courage they gave to my family it has changed our life and made the difference."



*Doreen is HIPPY coordinator for Wesley