Great Potentials Foundation has always realised the importance of the HIPPY Tutor role and the vital pathways to further development that it provides for HIPPY parents from low socio-economic areas. 

Through participation in the HIPPY programme, parents develop new skills and confidence. Many, for whom school was a struggle, find they have talents they were unaware of, which begins a new phase in their life. There are many stories of parents who become HIPPY Tutors moving on into further training and entering the labour force as teachers and social workers as a result.

P2P Training Day held in Auckland, November 2020

With this in mind, Great Potentials Foundation has partnered with HIPPY Australia to pilot a structured Tutor Development system, Pathways to Possibilities (P2P) which strengthens the ability of Coordinators to explore possible future pathways with their HIPPY tutors.

P2P recognises that tutors have a range of aspirations for themselves, giving them the responsibility of setting their own goals and progressing towards them with support from their Coordinator. Tutors are encouraged to identify and build on their personal strengths and to take advantage of opportunities to realise aspirations for themselves and their whānau.

The two-year pilot will be launched in early 2021. Four sites have been identified to represent geographic diversity and a range of Coordinator experience: Takanini (Auckland), Aranui (Christchurch), Kaitaia and South Kaipara. The initial training session for Coordinators was held in November with great enthusiasm from the coordinators involved.

Bridget Swan


“I am looking forward to being part of the pilot, as I believe that P2P will sit snuggly alongside the professional development we do with the tutors.  It will also assist the tutors and I to continue focusing on their goals and aspirations, whilst encouraging the tutors to take ownership of these with guidance, coaching and support from me.” – Bridget, HIPPY Aranui


Kate Beran

“I’m excited to take Pathways 2 Possibilities back to HIPPY Kaitaia to give our Tutors this innovative mahi as a tool to focus on their future; by setting goals to enhance their opportunities for further training and employment.” – Kate, HIPPY Kaitaia


Nadia Herlihy   

“I am excited to share this learning with the tutors, it is open ended and responsive to their needs. I believe it will enable me as the Coordinator to better support my tutors’ aspirations.” –  Nadia, HIPPY South Kaipara.