MATES has over 100 mentor* positions to fill! We are accepting mentor applications for 2024. 

To apply, you will need to be at least in your second year of tertiary study going into 2024. We accept students from all Auckland tertiary institutions.

*MATES mentors are paid, not volunteers. 

A MATES Senior session at Auckland Girls' Grammar with Year 13 students

MATES improves the confidence and educational outcomes of young people at two key transition points:

  • MATES Junior – Year 8 (the year before their transition to secondary school)
  • MATES Senior – Year 13 (to prepare for their transition to tertiary education, training or employment)

It works by pairing them with tertiary students with whom they meet at their school once a week, every week from 3.30 – 5.30 pm, throughout the school year.

Mentoring is rewarding

Being a mentor helps with your own personal development and growth. Mentoring young people helps build confidence in yourself and enables you to practise leadership and personal skills. You will find it a rewarding experience to help guide young futures. It is also valuable work experience.

What do you need to be one of our new mentors?

If you genuinely want to see young people succeed and develop then we are keen to hear from you.

Some mentors haven’t had much experience working with young people before. So long as you really want to support, encourage, and inspire young people by being a positive role model, you are likely to learn to be a great mentor. Another important thing is that you are reliable and committed.

A MATES Junior mentor tutoring a Year 8 mentee at Clendon Park Primary school

How much of a time commitment does mentoring require?

You will need to be available 2-3 hours per week for each young person you mentor. (Mentors can mentor students at more than one school). Transport is provided to take you to your school. We recognise that our mentors are students too so it’s only right to pay you for your time, which is very valuable - you juggle a lot while studying. 

A group of Year 8 mentees working on activities with their mentors

“A typical session starts by catching up on how my mentees are feeling about the past week. In some sessions I guide them in their English assignments, or we analyse a text together. Others are spent discussing university, career options, and how to be prepared for those steps.” Isabella, MATES Senior Mentor (4th-year Law and Arts student)

“I heard that there were going to be really cool university people coming in and I wanted to meet them, and I thought that it would be really nice to learn a lot” - Lulu, Year 8 Mentee, Clendon Park School

“It’s a great experience to give back to your community and also to younger generations who need help.” Colin, MATES Junior Mentor

Mentor training and inductions will take place in mid-late March 2024, ready for the start of MATES in Term 2. If you are keen to be a part of MATES, Apply Now