Research, Papers and links

MATES: 2016 Evaluation Report

The impact of MATES against the key programme outcomes for mentees and mentors reflected in the MATES Theory of Change.

Written by Dr Dina Dosmukhambetova

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HIPPY NZ : 2018 Book of Evidence 

Evidence for the sixteen outcomes that HIPPY New Zealand has identified as central to the spirit and practice of HIPPY across the country. 

Written by Dr Dina Dosmukhambetova

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Brookings Institution

"How Much Could We Improve Children's Life Chances by Intervening Early and Often?"

Written by Isabel V. Sawhill and Quentin Karpilow

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The Parenting Gap

“The parenting gap is a big factor in the opportunity gap”

An interesting piece of research from Richard V. Reeves and Kimberly Howard about the parenting gap and the impact on opportunities for children.

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Links to other networks in New Zealand and around the world.

New Zealand

Build a lifetime in the first 3 years.

Family Help Trust
Breaking the cycle for NZ Children.

Ministry for Vulnerable Children - Oranga Tamariki
Official NZ Government Website.

Baby WebNZ
Information directory for expectant parents.


HIPPY International

HIPPY Australia 

The love of learning begins at home