When Nupur saw a HIPPY programme advertisement pop up on her local community Facebook page two years ago, she had no idea it would lead from stay-at-home mum to a full-time job as the Administrator at the Takanini Family Service Centre.

 Nupur at Takanini Family Service Centre


Nupur explains that the education system she experienced growing up in India is more structured than what she was seeing in New Zealand. Her then three-year-old son, Hridhaan was enjoying 20 hours a week playing at day care in what Nupur describes as a ‘playful way of learning’.

In the Indian culture that Nupur grew up in, parents are very involved in their child’s early learning. She was looking to provide something positive for Hridhaan that would bring more routine, listening and patience into both their lives. She liked the structure HIPPY offered, wanting to get more involved in his learning and make better use of her time at home, so she decided to sign up.

Glenda, HIPPY Coordinator Takanini, came for a home visit to get to know both Nupur and her son. Little did they know then that two years on HIPPY would lead Nupur to become a work colleague with Glenda.

Hridhaan was happy to join HIPPY. The programme includes story books which wasn’t something big in Nupur’s family. They found the books catchy because Hridhaan could relate to the pictures and themes and he became more engaged in his reading.

One of Hridhaan’s favourite activities was the apple experiment. Simply by cutting an apple in half, putting lemon juice on one half and leaving the other, they were able to observe the effect of acid. Says Nupur, “I can’t always think of ideas to help with learning, but HIPPY has given me the structure”.


Nupur and Hridhaan


In the last module there’s a book that tells a story about a boy starting school. It focuses on emotions and feelings, Nupur found this provided a wonderful medium for helping Hridhaan get ready for the transition to school.

Not only did HIPPY provide support to Hridhaan, but it also helped Nupur with good transition skills back into employment, from a HIPPY parent to a HIPPY tutor, and now she works as the Administrator at the Takanini Family Service Centre.

Nupur says she would 100% recommend HIPPY to other parents. “It doesn’t take much time because you don’t have to come up with the ideas – it’s already scripted for you. You know what question to ask and what answer to expect. Just open the workbook and it’s all there for you”.

Nupur’s story from HIPPY Parent to Administrator is a positive example of how two generations benefit from HIPPY.