Evaluating the impact of our programmes is an integral part of Great Potentials Foundation. We have been working with Impact Lab for the past few months so we can gain a deeper understanding of the social value and measurable good HIPPY brings to New Zealand society.

Through Impact Lab’s expertise, we are pleased to announce that HIPPY delivers New Zealanders $7,247,000 worth of social value each year. We are also able to share that for every $1 invested in HIPPY, $3.10 of measurable good is delivered to New Zealand.

What is social value? To put it simply, social value quantifies the positive changes people experience in their lives as a result of the not-for-profit programmes and/or services that have supported them.

Social value puts a dollar value onto something that standard measures can not.

With the help of Impact Lab, we can say that HIPPY creates social value across four domains that are outlined in Treasury’s Living Standards Framework:

Impact Lab was also able to use the operating costs of the programme to calculate the social return on investment that is generated for every dollar that is invested in the programme.

This proves that every $1 spent on HIPPY delivers $3.10 of measurable good to New Zealand.

We more than double the social value of every dollar our funders put into HIPPY, proving that their support of the programme has a significant impact on our communities.

The full report from Impact Lab is available HERE