Our purpose is to work for children, young people and families to relieve suffering; release potential; reduce disparities in NZ society; reduce crime and violence; break the cycle of disadvantage and promote family functionality.

"We need to stop be-moaning the problems and start acting on solutions. A good future for families and New Zealand is within our reach. Let's just do it!"



For over 20 years we have worked to help children, young people and families to flourish. We are now recognized as one of New Zealand’s leading agencies of social enterprise and innovation. Since 1991, Great Potentials has created the Family Service Centre model; introduced HIPPY- Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters – and established it in 38 communities; it has introduced MATES – Mentoring and Tutoring Education Scheme; and it has successfully advocated for the introduction of Family Start, now in 38 communities.


Our vision is well-nurtured children within well functioning families, contributing to safe communities and a prosperous nation.


Our principles are to be solution focussed, working for positive change and acting early and cost-effectively to prevent later high cost negative spending resulting from educational failure, violence and crime.


Our mission is to work for and with children, young people and families to:


Great Potentials works at critical points of transition:

Prime Minister John Key’s Visit to the Takanini Family Service Centre

On Friday 8th August we had some very special guests visit the Takanini Family Service Centre – Prime Minister John Key and Judith Collins. Here they are with Family Service Centre staff, and Great Potentials Chairman Angus Fletcher.

GP-JK AUG2014_064


Listener Article

Great Potentials is featured in the July 12-18 2014 issue of the Listener magazine! Click here to see the full article.

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2012-2013 Annual Report

Follow the link to read Dame Lesley Max’s report from Great Potentials’ Annual Report 2012-2013:

CEO’s Report Annual Report 2012 – 2013

For the full Annual Report 2012-2013, follow the link below:

Annual Report 2012-2013


Coroner’s report on Kahui twins’ deaths – Dame Lesley speaks on Radio NZ National

25 July 2012

The coroner’s report on the deaths of the three-month-old Kahui twins has been released.  Simon Moore SC, Crown Solicitor for Auckland, Patrick Kelly, Auckland Starship Pediatrician and Clinical Director of the Child Protection Team and Great Potentials CEO, Dame Lesley Max, speak with Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon.  Listen to the audio here (Dame Lesley starts at 21 mins).