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"The wellspring of child nurture is a one-stop shop located in a quiet cul de sac where local families and children can access preschool and parenting programmes, talk to social workers or make Plunket, dental, hearing and vision appointments and undertake HIPPY tutor training."

North & South Magazine May 2006


Head Office Postal Address:

PO Box 11283
Auckland 1542
New Zealand

Phone, Fax and Email

Phone: (09) 377 5384
Fax: (09) 377 5386

Physical address:

Level 6, Building 5
Central Park Corporate Centre
666 Great South Road
Auckland 1061

We welcome donations to help us in our work. If you would like to pledge a one-off or regular donation, please click here to make a donation via GiveALittle.

Alternatively, if you wish to make a donation directly by bank transfer, our bank account number is 12-3030-0479423-00

While you are welcome to make anonymous donations, we would really like to be able to thank you, so an identifying name and contact address would be helpful.

MATES Manager recipient of 2015 Vodafone NZ Foundation World of Difference award

MATES programme manager Shana Malio-Satele has been awarded the Vodafone NZ Foundation World of Difference award for 2015. Here she is pictured with the other 2015 recipients.


Prime Minister John Key’s Visit to the Takanini Family Service Centre

On Friday 8th August we had some very special guests visit the Takanini Family Service Centre – Prime Minister John Key and Judith Collins. Here they are with Family Service Centre staff, and Great Potentials Chairman Angus Fletcher.
GP-JK AUG2014_064