Our team, the people who foster those changes, have skills and qualifications in education, health, social work, counselling - and in life. They bring commitment, common sense, energy, practicality and a belief in people's potential.


"The extra tutoring by my mentor helped with my difficult subjects. With one-on-one time I was more comfortable asking questions I wouldn't have asked in a big group."


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HIPPY Children

"There's just something about HIPPY children. They've got the foundations for learning. They've got a lot of skills. Sometime it is not always obvious or measurable but it shows in how they approach things.

And the programme follows what we do at school; they can do things like sequencing. It gives them a really good start. They know how to handle books, how to talk about books, how to talk about the characters in the story and they know how to predict. Their oral language may be the biggest area of development compared with non-HIPPY children. They have good observation skills; seeing likenesses and differences. They retain the skills they learn in HIPPY. They understand about 'number'.

What HIPPY does for the parents is awesome. They gain confidence and learn skills. Parenting skills are learnt as a consequence of the programme. They become aware of how kids learn and how to support them.

HIPPY children tend to be, long-term, more realistic about life. They have those thinking processes in place and appear more likely to resist peer pressure. They learn life skills. They might be shy but still 'know' They tend to be more cooperative. HIPPY helps children be realistic; to know how to think; to know how to solve problems; to be independent thinkers."