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NZQA Qualification for Tutors

Daisy Tjiptojuwono and Luisa Monk, with Hon. Paula Bennett and former Ranui Hippy Coordinator Karen Loughnan. Both Daisy and Louisa are former HIPPY tutors at Ranui who completed their Level 4 Certificate in Adult Education and Training in 2011.

Second-year HIPPY tutors now have the opportunity to gain formal recognition of their work in HIPPY, by combining that work with a course of study for the National Certificate in Adult Education and Training through the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.  This Level 4 NZQA qualification comprises six units of study, including the design, delivery and facilitation of sessions for adult learning, as well as facilitating individualised learning.

Tutors’ NZQA study is well supported within the HIPPY framework.  Their local coordinator and the HIPPY NZ Manager (Adult Education) provide guidance throughout their study as they gain an  understanding of how to apply their  learning, plan their study timetable, how to set out an essay and complete assignments.  

This NZQA qualification has become a valuable stepping stone towards further education and  work opportunities for those tutors undertaking the study.

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MATES Manager recipient of 2015 Vodafone NZ Foundation World of Difference award

MATES programme manager Shana Malio-Satele has been awarded the Vodafone NZ Foundation World of Difference award for 2015. Here she is pictured with the other 2015 recipients.


Prime Minister John Key’s Visit to the Takanini Family Service Centre

On Friday 8th August we had some very special guests visit the Takanini Family Service Centre – Prime Minister John Key and Judith Collins. Here they are with Family Service Centre staff, and Great Potentials Chairman Angus Fletcher.
GP-JK AUG2014_064